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Radiant WorkForce - Human Resourse Management System

Radiant WorkForce offers human resources solutions that let you concentrate on your core businesses while we handle the rest. Powered by innovative ERP technologies, we provide HR services in a smooth and natural way, reducing the costs as much as possible.
As a leading HR service provider, Radiant WorkForce delivers best-practice, streamlined HR management that greatly increases the speed and ability to deliver.
To succeed in today's business world with greater time demands and leaner profit margins, we must find the alternatives to do business. The best way is to simplify our work environment by outsourcing non-core functions such as recruitment & payroll management systems. HRMS Solutions has been serving the HR needs of small and big businesses around the globe since 2015.

The application consists of these modules:
• Attendance Management
• Payroll Management
• Recruitment Management
• Assets Management
• Company Calendar
• Performance Management
• Reports Management
• Self Service
• Training Management
• Recruitment Management
• Assets Management

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